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Amazing Street-Wise Burroughs short story

A Junkie's it; I remember those days well. Streetwise, hustling, feeling the jungle although my approach was more like fucking as many people as I could and just digging the big party scene of the East Village 80's. Never got into the heroin thing thank God. Nowl, here, it's a wasteland of NYU Eunuchs on their devices and young girls screaming, drunk with their thongs over their heads..oh yeah the young yuppies who've moved into their expensive one bedrooms and they work like dogs from their computers at home to be able to pay off their mortgages fucking tired...water buffalos fucking and stomping across the ceilingat all hours; can't wait to get outta here. God Grant me the serenity...Anyway watch the short film. It's funny. And directed by Francis Ford Coppola, must have been his senior thesis film. I've gotta re-read Tropic of Cancer--I love how Miller uses the word "Cunt." Soooo un-PC! Yay!

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