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Bad Behavior (review) 12-23-23

Great study of superficial "new-age-soup narcissistic golden girl" being knocked off her simpering pedestal by older woman who won’t put up with said golden girl's BS. That in particular was supremely satisfying black comedy. The relationship between the older woman and her daughter is written and filmed as a deeply complex palette; a multi-dimensional vibrant adult relationship. To see these two characters work through their shit and meet in a place of mutual peace and respect for each other is enthralling. The dancing at the end between the the Mother and daughter was extremely beautiful. I’m sad there aren’t more male characters in film that can express in a relationship the simultaneous creative and artistic dance energies of gold and shadow, wrapped in a warrior-like kind of love. Some aspects of the plot are never resolved. But all in all the film was high quality and viewing it-time well spent. I usually prefer watching horror or overtly horrific and criminal Youtube videos (for inspiration for my own writing) but here I allowed myself to go with flow of the story; in particular with the emotions of the characters and their feelings as they interact. Alice Englert meanders a bit in her movie story telling but overall a most impressive debut for this director/actress.

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