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Beware Homophobic / Fake Clients Seeking Bookings

The past two weeks I have gotten two "fake calls" from pranksters playing some weird kind of homophobic practical jokes; seeking fake massages. One claimed he was from Brooklyn and the other claimed he was from the Bronx. Both calls came in after 12 midnight and both callers sounded white, well-educated and semi-serious (the second was breaking up with laughter half-way through the call after giving me a fake weird, first name). The "Give-away" is that very soon into the call, both these fools question if I do "fag massage" or if there are any "landmarks" near where I live such as "a sign that says "Fag Massage." Usually they seem to be giving fake, weird sounding (un-pronoucable names) or saying dumb straight guyish things like "Do I need to shave my bush?" (A-hem not very funny asswipe).

I just wanted to make other everyone aware that this is going on.

This is probably yet another "by-product" of Trump's insidious campaign of generalized hatred, which the Republicans seems to be joining in and feeding off of; surely this kind of toxic hate is also fueling the anti-black, anti-gay and anti-Jewish movements and fueling the roots of the current American Neo-NAZI, right-wing Christian extremists movement(s). (Can you believe Musk telling people to "Vote Republican?") Nothing like pure, anti-humane, billionaire ignorance. Someone should force Musk, Trump and Putin to be passengers in one of Musk's own self-driving death-cars. Hopefully the car would save the world a whole lot of trouble and drive itself into a brick wall or a tree at 90 mph. LOL.

The phone numbers of these two sick fucks are below;


On 10-28-22 (male caller gave some Italian sounding name and claimed he was from Brooklyn);

and tonight 11/8/22

(early this morning)

929-456-4608 (gave unpronouncable last name, claimed he was in the Bronx wanting an Incall).

* both calls came in after 12 midnight from non-restricted numbers.

So, if any other practitioners are receiving abusive and/or fake calls of this nature, contact me as this may be a coordinated effort. Please reach out via my regular email which is; or notify me by making a comment below...

And of course my phone is 212-777-7199.

And to any men seeking a great massage, call me and get it while I'm still practicing in NYC.

Note: I will be in Costa Rica from the 5th through the 22nd of December. If you are too, please contact me. I will be staying close to the Manual Antonio Queer friendly nude beaches and will be available for M4M massage (no women please). What a great December, huh?

Note: went to the Eagle last night and Cunningham was playing on the main dance floor. Lots of really too fast "old Disco anthems" for my taste (Meh). But Bobby Duron was playing upstairs on the cruisy 2nd floor and his music was hot hot hot. Forgive me if I've thrown shade at him in the past. This guy's music was ROCKIN' last night. Wow.

Hey wanna watch a great documentary? Tune into SPECTOR, an amazing look into the life of a genius of a music producer (and one sick pussy). Fascinating watching.

In strength and healing;

Steve O

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