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Hello All! All content on my Youtube Channel Now Hidden as of 2-28-24

Attention potential massage clients and general public at large.

Due to an increase in the number of strange (Russian?) women contacting me for dating and to enure my safety in this online global world, I have made the decision to make my Youtube channel private. So if you go anywhere in "storr54" (my YT channel) you will not be able to view anything.

There are years of very candid diary entries, confessions, (all client's names have been kept anonymous FYI--unless you are a no show or did not pay me for a service performed).

I love doing massage and working on gentlemen in particular. But there comes a time to be private. My time is long overdue.

Everything you need to know about me as a massage therapist is clear and upfront on my site. As a writer and a musician, various links on my will point you to my writing and music* (just a note, basically no one is interested in my writing and music when you are coming for a massage--so let's not kid ourselves LOL, but my work is there is you want to view it.) I look forward to massaging you soon. Please call for an appointment from 10 am to 10 pm or for late night calls, please contact me before 12 midnight.

My songs and several audiobooks are still live and available for listening an downloading at

Thank you and I look forward to working on your soon!


Steve O

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