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Jan 2, 2023 CHECK IN Part 1

New spring of hope / faith that I can move and will move soon. Thank you 2 hour massage client from Japan; 25 year—old- (the hole could NOT be found). Grateful for client who are gentlemen and who take responsibility for their actions. Thank you. I’ve a binging on old Twilight Zone episodes…they are the best for inspiration for weird, bizarre and/or terrific or heartfelt ides for plots——great inspiration! Thank you Rod Serling..just realized I had a bizarre dream about Taylor Swift in that somehow I was partly responsible for the death of her dog…WTF? TOO MANY EDIBLES LOL.2-2-23 NYC

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OFF THE CHARTS MUSICAL BEAUTY NOW! Thank you B.E., J.M., St. Jude and the magical muses that keep feeding me beauty (in spite of myself and the world : ) LOL. #saintorr #

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