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from my "Teatime for the Sensitive Musician" support group 4-27-24

Prompts = numbered sentences

Quotes = personal responses

1) Gratitude (anything recent or that's been on your mind) 💕


"Grateful for my health, my ability to be amused and to write and study (music production);

and grateful to write poetry and music! Also very, very grateful to be able to enjoy SEX with MEN! : ) and even my ability to DO M4M massage work (and sometimes massaging women).


2) Write down some weaknesses or negative patterns you feel you have, and for each one identify a positive trait or gift that is directly linked with it. e.g. Being argumentative --> having a passion for truth and analysis/debate


"I'm addicted to doing M4M massage work ---- I have the skill to provide therapeutic touch and healing to clients and to break down walls with clients easily; I am a master at making men feel relaxed with my hands (and sometimes relieving the pain of men and women)."


"Because I advertise myself as publicly offering M4M massage work I am often disrespected, discarded, discounted, ignored, used and not taken seriously by society, the general public, and many men who contact me--this has made me super discerning (vigilant) when it comes to determining who really wants to book with me and who would appreciate my talents and gifts versus those who objectify or toy with me or see me as "the flavor of the month", sick, a joke, or who aren't serious about booking a session or are sadists (enjoy torture).


3) Make note of times that felt effortless, where you didn't feel like you were working or trying at anything, but things flowed in a beautiful or fruitful way.


"Sometimes when I play music; or when I'm creating music; when I dance, when I bike; sometimes when I work out (but that takes effort (to do “functional training” i.e., commuting 5 miles a day 3 days a week to my part-time job, which is probably one of the best parts of the job!)"

Also floating in a "salt pool" at the spa. I'm am totally pain free and feel weightlessly soothed and loved by the earth and by that environment.

Walking on a beach, walking in the woods...

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