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Meditation 1-31-23 "On Forgiveness"(heady stuff)

Updated: Apr 17

The theme of my meditation tonight was forgiveness. I gave myself time to reflect during my meditation after I danced, moved and stretched on the roof for about 45 minutes. There was a 3/4 moon with a bite out of it. At times misty rain fell from a cataract-laden sky. I feel-good, you see, after I pump. Your body is a sacred place; when I meditate like to exercise my Soul muscle. LOL.

Forgiving is a daily (necessay) practice.

Speaking of leather and metal, watching the leather queens buying their leather toys and accessories Sunday night at “The Eagle” seems like they are taking on the costume of life’s cruelty, and the cruelty of men and trying to make a “connecting kind of culture” out of it. Is the culture of leather is a reflection of queer men's cruelty to each other? To me, fetish has always been the enemy of feeling (or the result of boredom).

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