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Tea Time for the Sensitive Musician 1-27-24

Crazy Good Writing prompts (thank you AFF!)

1.) Sources of Inspiration (listing people, literature, art, activities, anything)

Singing the blues

2.) Taking Stock -- what's cooking creatively right now (at any stage, even pre-describable)?

Create, produce and Post video-audio-book of "The Brain Exchange", "Roger Brown", conquer the "proper dB levels conundrum in Cubase Production!

3.) Baby Steps -- what are tiny actions you might take to move forward creatively with any of your projects?

Every day sing and record the Blues as a way to express myself as a consummate musical artist and composer and gain/nurture better skills as a music engineer/producer/self-producer.

4.) Resistance -- this one could be a bit longer, I invited people to write on behalf of any part(s) of them that doesn't want to move forward or take creative action. Just let that part of you speak freely, no judgment! You can even interview it, asking more questions as you hear more of its perspective.

Being in my sex addiction; daily alcohol consumption (self-medication for anxiety, worry, boredom killer, etc. (edibles often DEEPEN my creativity and being able to focus). We could call inner addict "Mr. Muscle" as he is the run I run to every night to supply my dopamine; thus giving myself-pleasure and/or is this a form of self love????

We then did some tapping on the resistance, before the meditation.

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