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The Tragedy of the Atlanta 8

Updated: May 15, 2022

Please watch my video "On Being Queer Bashed" which I did a few years ago about my experience of being attacked on a New York city street by three Teenagers during the time of Mayor David Dinkins in the early 90's.

Whenever we "act out" as humankind on other humans whether it is inconsiderate behavior (not showing up for an appointment, theft, etc.) or violent acting out, we hurt ourselves as a family. May the souls of those lovely people who died by the hands of an ignorant, lost boy rest in peace. And may we as bodyworkers and clients alike take a moment to at least try to forgive that 21 year-old "addict' in his act of insane, nonsensical vengeance. Amen

Massage is a healing, lovely experience. And the best way to enjoy it is to give UP your preconceived notions and expectations of what will happen in a session. If we force things on each other, how can that beautiful seed of touch and pleasure, bloom to its fullest extent?

When you are driving and/or biking, please be aware of other traffic! It only takes a moment of hate, stupidity (intentional or accidental) to change the entire course of a person's life.

Love yourself fiercely!



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