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Writing Prompts from my Weekly Creative Group* 4-5-24

Here are the writing prompts from my weekly "Teatime for the Sensitive Musician" group,

with my personalized answers (ignore those if you want to use these prompts for your own purposes!).

PROMPTS from Earthquake Day 4-5-24

ONE) What a relief! (Make a list of things in your life that are a given (for now) that you do not have to worry about…

1) I have not committed a crime (and hopefully do not commit one in the future;

2) I have a home

3) I do not hallucinate and I am not schizophrenic

4) I do not have cancer

5) Grateful to be single and healthy and have my art projects to produce and work on…

6) Very relieved that no one was hurt in the earthquake today!

TWO) Continuing with the earthquake theme, imagine a scenario, and if my example is too intense, feel free to make a lighter one! — suppose it’s been announced that the world as we know it is ending in a year. How would you like to spend your remaining time?

Just keep doing what I’m doing. Making music, playing music, doing massage, biking, getting up to the roof (probably try to integrate more trips to the country (to the woods) to de-compress and renew and refresh

THREE) What are some creative steps you might like to take this week? 

Finish master/mix of The Brain Exchange

Write out FLAMES (record)*

Do all on Zoom, use limiter on Zoom and record in MONO…

Roger Brown

White Trash

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