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9-12-22 When dreams send a message from the unconscious or...

my subconscious is telling me to stop bating so much! I could tell because I had a dream that worms were under my skin and exuding from various parts of my forearms. The worms were a kind of parasite. This parasite was feeding on me. The parasite was bating. Seeing and getting off on porn can be an occasionally pleasant release (though not fulfilling or satisfying--I have always preferred the feel and touch of a real man), this dream, upon analysis was a sign that for me---that too much bating to porn is not healthy. "Bating" in case you are clueless is the new word for masturbating--thank goodness someone came up with some thing besides jerking off, j.o., choking the chicken, "Jonesing", etc. The word itself is much too long and is in great need of being condensed!

For me, too much bating is in fact, parasitic, it numbs you out, keeps you isolated and isn't really productive; and yet it IS productive. That's the paradox. It does produce pleasure. Which is a lovely creature comfort of living. For me anyway, I think I need to take a break. Maybe even for just a week.

Who knows, maybe business will pick-up? Or just maybe this has nothing to do with business but it's a life thing? Ha ha. Maybe my new sex plan should be no bating alone; only with others? LOL. Sounds like a plan...

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