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four practices to change your life!

4 Practices to change your life! Some positive for you dear queer folk!


She was pronounced dead.

But that was impossible, she was there, observing the whole thing. She had collapsed while running long distance in the park and they rushed her to the hospital emergency room.

There...lying on the gurney, there was a massive rush of action and procedures. She was unconscious and yet weirdly, she was actually standing next to her body, observing the whole crazy scene unfold.

Then suddenly the body she was observing, "her body," she was observing, had just flat lined. There was a mad attempt for the doctor and his staff to resuscitate her. She heard the words ring out..."CLEAR!"

Then there was silence... she heard the garbled words, almost as a whisper from the doc,

"She's gone.

There's nothing else we could do.

A shame, she was so young."

The doc had just pronounced her dead?

How's that possible?

She was still there, watching.

Within seconds, she was traveling down a bluish/grey tunnel and when she arrived on the other side, there was a throng of familiar folks to greet her.

A reunion, an amazing reunion!

With loved ones and dear friends, she had not seen in a while. There was a rush of tears and joy and before she could get a handle on what was happening, she was again on the move. This time being beckoned, summoned, traveling toward this light, this conscious, beautiful light. As she neared, she felt a rush of emotion, a wave of bliss, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, a warmth, a golden light!

As if she were being embraced, embraced and loved so profoundly, so completely, there were no words...

then in her minds ear, she heard two questions posed to her.

"What did you learn and who did you help?"

Before she could answer, she heard,

"Your work is yet undone beloved, you must return..."

After all these years, since I heard that story in 1976,

it's that question I think about almost every day.

"What did you learn and who did you help."

Because if that is the true purpose of life,

the Prime Directive on this our beautiful planet Earth, then that makes things a lot easier.

Then the purpose of life is to...


and with that in mind, our work is to evolve.

In every way possible; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Become a most excellent person and THEN, share it, uplift, inspire and serve others wherever you go or wherever you are sent!

OK, so what does that look like?

Physically: "Sing the body electric."

Increase your electrical charge by increasing the oxygen levels in your body. Alkalize yourself. Eat a plant-based diet, rich in alkalizing wonder foods like organic miso (at least three times a week, put it in your soups instead of salt), good full spectrum, mineral rich Salt, broccoli sprouts, alkaline waters, green leafy vegies, sea vegetables and plenty of grains and beans.

CHEW, get massage regularly (it dramatically increases circulation and oxygen, breaks up hardness, inflexibility and adhesion's), perhaps some Manual Lymph Drainage (to clean wastes from your body and build your immune system), and of course exercise. The best exercises for spiritual development are the ones that focus on opening up the energetic system (meridians) thus promoting physical suppleness. Breaking up the hardness, cold, and stagnation in one's body, balances the energetic system and encourages long life. With a strong, steady chi, the individual tends to have an increasing connection and sensitivity to the spirit in everything. Massage, yoga, tai chi and chi kung exercise, all contribute to this greater fluidity, supporting a greater ability to summon up your personal power (chi) when needed. All exercise is beneficial and in my opinion the ones that keep the energetic meridian system open will extend your shelf life with quality.

Mentally: "Renew yourself, by the renewing of your mind."

Our minds can be like a monkey jumping from branch to branch to branch. Sometimes like a thousand monkeys moving all at once. Controlling our thoughts, our mind, is difficult. Living in the here and now takes a lot of practice. It is said, "The mind makes a terrible master but a wonderful slave". When it is in control, it can be a whirlwind of thoughts. When you train and focus it, it will respond with remarkable ability. The Zen mind lives in the moment. It's the old Buddhist adage, "When washing dishes, just...... wash......dishes...

Living in the now takes practice. When you develop this master organ and use it with focused intention, amazing things can happen. As we develop and train our mind, our abilities continually blossom.

This is preparation for meditation.

Do Breathing Exercises Regularly

Learn How to Meditate

"Through the study of books, one seeks God.

By meditation one finds him.

Padre Pio

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