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Emotional Freedom Technique & some site changes 3-6-24

Hello massage sluts, M4M touch fans & queens & their loves ones and the occasional female (Russian whores looking for Sugar Daddies please bug off!).

You may have noticed a few changes here. Yup. Like a major feng shui of my site. I have made all 400 plus of my videos into private only viewing. And what's left are the best fitness videos for the hot Daddy that I can compose, film and upload.

Being the creative, poetic Soul that I am (and a hot mess with my lack of boundaries) I have deduced once and for all that no one (again) is really interested in my writing and music. So what else isn't new? And that really all you care about is me exercising without a shirt or more immediately, relevant facts such as my location, (NYC, East Village, downtown) price $120 IN $160 OUT tip not included) and availability (basically every day except Sundays). That's fine. "It is what it is" to (literally) quote the current overused cliche. And that's all she wrote. Now that all my attempts to share my writing and music are again found to be in vain, I am at your service for massage! However the links are also available to my writing and music or to view my private videos. Listed here are a handful of my new videos, many core-based (Pilates in particular) with a dash of E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) thrown in for de-stressing purposes. I usually post daily for hot Daddies to keep in shape and am saving my therapy for my new (straight and kinda boring) therapist, who is actually a dead ringer for Osama bin Laden (it's OK, I'm over it). Anyway again, I truly hope you enjoy my public videos and if you have an interest in seeing any of my privates (smile) reach out in person.

As ever I am available pretty much Monday (day) and Tues - Friday anytime for massage services; although Friday nights I'm either doing open mics or at the studio playing the blues. Saturdays I'm available during the day up to like 3 PM and forget Sundays. Sunday nights I hope to see you at The Eagle. I'm the fun, weirdo who is usually found dancing alone and staying pretty clear of the back room. LOL!

Hope to be working on you soon!


Steve O

nycmasseur dot com

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