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from the My Rentmasseur interview 5-22-24

Is extensive training necessary for one to be a good masseur? (I added "massage therapist" or "bodyworker?"

Training is the seed, experience grows the tree. Both matter to me and should to the discerning client but sadly, most clients in the M4M massage world are not discerning. Well, let me put it this way--they are horny first and discerning second.

The bitter truth about the M4M massage business is that we who serve are all "the flavor of the month." Clients use us, then forget us and move on to the next flavor. Nothing loyal or faithful about. Both the M4M massage business and real estate development are probably the two most cold-hearted businesses that exist in NYC; however the latter business is the only one you make real money in. But then there is greed and the destruction of the world and the blood-sucking aspects of that which go hand in hand with the money. Money was never a high priority for me. I was and am an artist, with massage being my second calling.

No matter what this ugly world says, we need to remember the potential and the true holiness of what massage can be--and that is healing. It's amazing that our society places so little value on it. But when you have that gift, no one can take it away. In my better moments, I am humbled by the beauty and power of what massage can do and grateful can I do it, do it well and share it with those who need, want it and a world oh so in need of healing even while destruction rules daily.

To the very few discerning clients who are gentlemen and who appreciate quality whether it be therapeutic, sensual or somatic, I am here for you.

5-22-24 Steven O

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