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Further from the NY Times article FROM LAST WEEK--

"Dr. Weiss said he felt obliged to speak out publicly because he felt the (NY CITY HEALTH DEPT'S) public statements were at times irresponsible. He pointed to the news release issued on Friday containing several prevention tips for “those who choose to have sex while sick.” (ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME???!!!!!" St. Orr)

It stated that covering up monkeypox sores with clothes or bandages while having sex “may help reduce — but not eliminate” the risk of transmission. The release also said, “for those who choose to have sex while sick, it is best to avoid kissing and other face-to-face contact.”

Dr. Weiss said it was “ludicrous” to suggest these steps would meaningfully reduce the risk."

Duh...ya think? #saintorr #steveorwhat

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