How not to book

Ok; I'm trying really hard to be POSITIVE and UPLIFTING in this blog but I have to share this inquiry today from a "creature" claiming to be from L.A.


You work Nude?


I gotta a couple of load I’d like you to milk out"

First of all grammatical errors aside--this is a great example of how NOT to book a massage or make an inquiry. Please gents, have a sense of civility and respect when you contact me (or any bodyworker/masseur or masseuse) for inquiries. It only takes a moment to be respectful. Don't let "body objectivication" and your own inner homophobia rule your debasing communication. I mean really--I though we were over Trump and that "style" of talk.

Thank you for reading. No, I didn't block it--my response was "I am licensed by the state of N.Y. in massage therapy and practice full body massage from head to toe; any other questions I'm happy to discuss with you in person." Of course Miss Thing never replied.

Always a challenge to meet micro-violence with grace. But I try...

: )

Stay cool; get your Monkeypox vaccine and come for a massage only if you do not have a rash anywhere on your body. And if you do, please see a doctor--don't try to book a massage or search for more anonymous sex partners. This is an endemic we are in. Self-control can help keep everyone safer...



(Please call me "Steve" LOL).

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