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i am So proud--OF MY soul RELEASE PLACE

and my progress in learning CUBASE 11. I began pre-COVID when I first met EPM (my "mentor") and worked with him to promote"KEEPING DISTANCE" a song I co-wrote with the artist Fuentes De Vida (aka KT). Cut to now when I am finally arriving at a place where I'm beginning to make my music (in real life) sound like it does in my dreams. Thank you God for giving me the dedication, resilience and sacrifice to keep making music. This is gold to me because I'm able to make something out of nothing. That's sheer magic! Music is directly connected to my Soul. This is something that very few people know about me; and in NYC nobody gives a fuck! That's fine. This is my own little secret (it's between me, a couple of CLOSE friends & GOD.) Dig those crazy COLORS. When I doubt myself, I meditate; remember what I love; then do something about it ("Today I learned...").

Above is a Cubase (by Steinberg) screen shot of my latest track "Man, My Soul." I did my first CD "Ocean Visions" in 2000; but I never dreamed I would work in a music production program this sophisticated. Such a long way from my organ lessons in 7th grade with Sister Marie Monica. Thank you Sister! Did I mention that my "dream" of being a professional music finally became real when I played on the Sagafjord cruise ship back in 1989? Yeah, my second paid professional gig. It was HELL and took me a decade to recover my love of music. So much for being a "professional."I have always been and will always be a renaissance man. No question. Love and gracias.

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