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July 21, 2023

Here we go again! A great week filled with new clients, old clients and “mucho dinero” followed by a bad week filled with weird calls at 2:00 AM (I wanted to ask you about your erotic massage), (This is my first time...ZZZzzzzzzzz) and a host of other calls asking about booking but not booking, complaints about my rates, etc.

It’s exhausting being skilled, experienced, handsome and fit as a fiddle. But I continue to love what I do and I do what I love, massaging men. The fact that cocks have no compassion, feeling or consciousness other than getting off then the mood motivates them--well, it's just par for the course. And that brings up the whole concept of forgiving men for the dogs they are--which I try to do daily (yes I'm guilty of the horny dog syndrome too but I try to be a pro when working on all types of men...that my primary purpose is to give you a great massage and overall service, i.e., serving you before I serve myself in this work. (And I get it, I really do!).

I’m wondering if the philosophy of Penny Arcade is really the best rule of thumb at this point 1) Don’t complain and 2) Don’t explain.

Massage is the one venue where AI cannot and will not ever be able to satisfy a human like another human can.

There is way too much emphasis on robotics (being on your phone 24/7) and too much de-emphasis on being in the here and now; which makes me sad. The “go to” with 99% of the men in my ‘hood is an avoidance of eye contact and a preference in staring at your dead device.

Knowing good weeks and good times and great clients will always be followed by time wasters, rejections, bad and clueless clients asking questions which are only rivaled in their ignorance by the likes of the actions of Majorie Taylor Green; I suppose there's a comfort in my knowing this is the way M4M massage work works and will always be this way!

It all comes with the territory son, it all comes with the territory…Hope to see you on my table; and take time looking at life, not at your phone. Happy July

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