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Pura La Vida-Greetings from Costa Rica 12-10-22

Updated: Apr 17

I didn’t mention the totally chill and worldly older couple from Denver who were in our tour of Manual Antonio park. This lovely and mature couple from Denver clearly saw the insanity of Americans constantly killing other Americans with guns. The violence runs deep in our twisted, Puritan culture, like addiction and fear of being bi. Lovely seeing all the sloths (two and three-fingered with claws longer than Ru Paul’s nails). Blessed be the Howler Monkeys with that terrifying scream, Capucine Monkeys, lizards, vipers, spiders—all the “Beautiful little ones” as one of our blessed tour guides referred to all the little beings of this paradise called Costa Rica. Excuse typos, late and I’m typing without glasses, bent over my iPad in “the Jungle Inn” at Escondido Inn… #saintorr #steveorwhat

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