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Reflections 9-12-22

Ahh...took action. Bought nice table for music production and writing. I can officially move my music-making back into my bedroom; away from the living room where the water buffalo COW and her b.f. frolic every night.

I will hopefully be creating a kind of new sanctuary free from the disruptive noises of "straight people living!" I don't think they are particularly loud it's just that I'm particularly sensitive to noise. Again time to leave the East Village, Duh and ya think?

The table I bought moves up and down automatically what a luxury for me. I'm fortunate and grateful to be able to afford this luxury. Nearly $1000 bucks. Big deal for me. I don't care. I need it...I'm worth it. Here I go again sticking money into my music-making addiction; which is a completely lost cause. I don't care. I love it. Creativity is good therapy.

Reflections on living in NYC

Was thinking today while going to buy edibles : ) must love/like New York for what it does have and not dwell on what it doesn’t and what’s missing...

So what can I do while encountering stress from my neighbors’ hooves constantly moving like sheep moving around in a box car...

Go to the CSX site and do something dude!

That works...

Burning for a beer; trying not to go there. Did do a gummy before but feel clean and sober enough to-at the minimum-upload a profile picture on the audio-book site. God Help me and here I go!

It really goes contrary to my experiences in "the industry" i.e., spending near thousands of dollars to make that damn Voice Over demo and all those lessons with Ms. Wendy Dillon that led absolutely nowhere. Well, maybe this time I can actually make money. Fantasy or reality? We will see...

Had two clients call today even though neither one booked. Guess I should be grateful men are calling...whatever...More and more I'm thinking "Kid, you are worth more subletting your apartment and GETTING OUT OF DOGE!

Water Buffalo upstairs entertaining. Lots of scraping, stomping, animalistic (boring) hetero—COW-secret rights. FAT ASS. Jesuz, God grant me the serenity...blah blah blah blah...

Let go Steve and go the site...: )...

God Help me to see things differently...

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