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Review of "They, Them" the movie 8-6-22

“They, Them” is a horror movie about a victim of conversion therapy posing as a staff member of a “Conversion Therapy” summer camp/clinic for so-called wayward (LGBTQ?) teens. It was cheesy and gross in a slasher-movie kind of way but I found the protagonist of the flick, a non-binary person to be quite attractive, and easy on the eyes with genuine acting skills. And the story was interesting enough to hold my attention on a late, hot August night alone. The voice of this non-binary, main character, however was a bit on the nasal-side which was a turn-off. Still the movie as a whole (Kevin Bacon is always good) was a nice way to pass 1 hours and 32 minutes of movie watching time. I guess the cliches were forgivable because I’m a (deep in my Soul) cock-sucker LOL and I have always found movies, films, programs and documents about Conversion therapy obsessively interesting probably because it's one of the last bastions of truly horrifying and anti-human so-called "therapy." Long live soulful sexual choices in all humans! #saintorr #steveorwhat

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