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What IS Somatic Bodywork?

A few days ago, a client expressed an interest in my practice of Somatic bodywork. Here is my explanation in a nutshell;

The way I approach Somatic bodywork is to explore with you any unresolved issues you have that you feel you are holding onto (or into) within your body/mind, i.e., PTSD, childhood-abuse issues, addictions, violent experiences involving crime or a horrific accident or event, grief, internalized homophobia, etc. Somatic bodywork deals with what I call "the Shadow" in ourselves as men; i.e., that which we carry around within us that inhibits us from being in the moment; from moving forward, acting in a spontaneous or genuine way or evolving in our lives. It may also be as simple as that which keep us from loving.

Think of "the Shadow" as neurotic energy blocks or painful emotional "wounds." There are many other ways to describe these "black holes" in our personalities. Sometimes the issue may also be simple burn-out, world-weariness, or bitterness or (yes) lack of validation from other queer, bi or down-low men. It can get very involved, and very deep; hence I tend to refrain from even explaining any of this in an email or phone call. Besides, most men who call me are just seeking a massage (simple). Here and now, I'm making an exception just for you! Before, I advised you to Google Somatic bodywork. And my business is very slow right now so I'm taking the time to honor you with a more lengthy reply/explanation since you seemed so interested in this concept of Somatic therapy.

For many men, (especially horny men "types" with thick accents who call late at night) the most popular question is "do you fuck and suck?" This is followed by "how do I know you're going to give me what I want if I make an appointment and come to you if you don't TELL ME what I'm going to get for my money!?" I don't debase myself with a reply. Clearly Somatic bodywork is something these typically, non-evolved types are not capable of comprehending. Or maybe it's a language thing. Who knows? I don't like this kind of energy. Part of the beauty of the experience of a massage with me IS precisely the mystery! But I digress...(I use that phrase way too much).

Most common therapists/counselors tend to talk. Most masseurs and bodyworkers tend to touch or massage. The Somatic session is, essentially a combo plate of both modalities. Got it?

This is what Somatic therapy means to me, anyway--how I understand and practice it. This may differ from how other therapists practice it. It's a very experimental field. And it's pretty beyond the typical American "linear-thinking-mode" of body versus brain.

There is also the whole issue of the therapist and how clear he is as an "impartial/objective" therapist or, is he "feeding" on the client or using the client for his own personal needs? Does he have an agenda? Or is he true in his desire to help, comfort and/or offer assistance? Is he"projecting" his "shit" onto the client. This definitely isn't your typical "walk in the park" kind of therapy. Furthermore; If a bodyworker/therapist makes a conscious choice to disassociate himself from a client's objectification of his (the therapist/bodyworker's) own body, who is to judge this experience, if it all be in the line of work? No harm done I say. And even further what's wrong when me use each other in a so-called "Work" situation if both their motives are sheer joy and/or happiness? You do what you have to do; even better if you find joy doing that which you have to do! : ).

Somatic body work is way beyond a simple massage session; and as such, beyond the comprehension of most typical M4M clients.

If you want this type of session, I would recommend booking it and trying it. My rate is $200 for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Of course I cannot guarantee that you will exorcise any "demons" in just one session but at the least you will go away with a sense of renewal & release emotionally and hopefully physically.


Steven Orr #saintorrhealingarts #steveorwhat #saintorr

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